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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hell Yeah Bianca Wisniewski

The New York Daily News reported this story last night:

"Hardhat Bianca Wisniewski says she broke through the construction industry's glass ceiling, only to hit the concrete wall of sexual harassment - and she's suing for $20 million.

Wisniewski says elevator operator Steve Greco groped and propositioned her while her bosses brushed off her claims.

Greco harassed Wisniewski with lewd come-ons that repulsed the widowed mother of two teenage daughters, the suit charged.

'I just want to take you to dinner, no f------,' she says Greco told her while grabbing her around the waist.

'Everybody kisses engineer Steve,' the suit quotes Greco as boasting. 'This is a man's world, not a place for women to work.'"

Story excerpt from New York Daily News, to read the full story visit:

It's really very sad that women still have to deal with situations like this in the workplace. While it is unfortunate that Wisniewski had to endure such comments, it is important that the media reported on this story to show us that this abuse does take place. And it just doesn't happen in construction or stereotypical male-professions. It can happen anywhere and to anyone.

There is NO tolerance for sexual harassment. And according to Wisniewski, her superiors did nothing to stop it, gave her job to someone else when she complained, and then fired her after a period of disability.

Personally, I hope she's awarded the entire $20 million. PAY-UP.

Peace and Love,


  1. Bianca Wisniewski was killed in a fire in her apt. on the day she was to appear in court. We are a small group of women who work in non traditional jobs. We are doing our best to see to it that Bianca is not silenced. Her daughter will continue with the law suit. We will be in court every day when the case begins! We are trying to get more people to join us. If there is anyone interest in being there for Bianca and her daughters please let me know. Thank you, Onelove

  2. Bianca's story is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a teachable moment just like the Anita Hill/ Clarence Thomas Hearings of the past.

    So many women and feminine men are harassed and discriminated by our intolerant masculine society. We must unite across all occupations and backgrounds. We do not need more abuse of power and control. We need gender and racial equality across the board. We need to unite with others who also seek equality and justice. We need to take action. We need to demonstrate in the streets for ourselves and for our boy and girl children.

    An injury to one is an injury to us all.

    We are Union Women In Construction and the Buiding Trades. We need your support in our future actions as we seek equality & justice.