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Monday, September 21, 2009

Manic (Maniac) Music Monday

Kanye West…need I really say more.

I really don’t care for Taylor Swift, but she did not deserve to be embarrassed on national television. There has been a lot of speculation about why Kanye did what he did. He can “blame it on the ahahahahalcohol” all he wants, but it has got to go deeper than that. I have heard the racist arguments and the sexist arguments. I’ll begin with the latter.

My coworker explained to me that if a white man had won the award over a black man, Kanye would not have defended him because he only feels the need to speak on behalf of women. As if to say women could not possibly speak for them selves. I think that this is an extremely valid point, but it’s not entirely plausible. I believe Kanye probably would have spoken up if some pop prince, Aaron Carter maybe, has won best video over Jay-Z.

Kanye is clearly not the beacon of feminist ideals, but I really feel as though the race card played a larger role in his outburst. His behavior reminded me of Ludacris’ character in the movie Crash. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should. It has some of the most complex commentary on “race” relations. Ludacris was the “everyone and everything is against me so why should I even try to be a law abiding citizen” character. There are plenty of things in this world that are institutionally oppressive to people of color, but that probably doesn’t include the VMA award for best female video. It’s not always a conspiracy Kanye, especially when Beyonce went on to win the biggest award of the night.

In the words of our beloved president, what a jackass.

We need a fucking revolution.

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