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Monday, September 28, 2009

Manic Music Monday

After thinking about who/what I wanted to rant about, and searching the latest hot songs and bands, I discovered a group that took disrespect to another level: Cobra Starship. Many of you may know their latest (and only?) hit "Good Girls Go Bad" which isn't a horrible song and, I'll admit, is kind of catchy. But upon researching the rest of their music, I discovered some pretty absurd songs. If you thought Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl" was a major fail, then you should check out Cobra Starship's rendition, entitled "I Kissed a Boy." No, I'm not joking. Here's a sample of the lyrics:
"Me and my bros that’s how we roll, you never know how far we’ll go
I’ll grab some junk that I don’t own
And plant one right on him
You’re only here for our amusement

I kissed a boy and they liked it
Got all the honeys in the club excited
I kissed a boy just to start shit
That homeboy was not about it"

The lyrics of this song are deeply offensive to the queer community (and anyone with a moral conscience). In Katy Perry's song, she talks about how kissing a girl is experimental and makes bisexuality and non-heterosexual relationships seem taboo. This song, however, takes this concept to an entirely different level of offensiveness. It makes homosexuality seem like something that can be toyed with, used to excite the opposite sex, and to start fights. Essentially, what this song is doing is using homosexuality as a means of comedic relief and that is not something that should be promoted. And the whole double standard that two girls kissing is hot and two guys kissing is not...NEVER OKAY! This song also gives its listeners, especially males, the idea that two men kissing is abnormal and should only happen when trying to get a rise out of someone or make someone uncomfortable. Well done, Cobra Starship. You have once again proven that the extent of your musical talent is doing parodies of songs that are offensive to begin with and taking them to a completely different level of ridiculousness. Congratulations.


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