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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Lion King- Setting Women Back Years?

My first year at Ramapo College I had a Professor for College English who claimed that the Disney film “The Lion King” set women back years. His evidence for this was the fact that after the king Mufasa died and his son Simba disappeared, the women of the Prideland simply laid back and waited for another king to appear. In this case, the evil Scar was able to waltz into power and the women of the Prideland are shown doing whatever Scar ordered.

With the plot detailed, my Professor’s opinion was that this gave young women the message that they needed a man to survive, and that without one they are powerless. However, interpretation of the situation was that it was a statement on our society as a whole. Individuals in modern American Society often complain about issues going on in their world, but fail
to do anything about it. I felt as if the plotline around the need for a King illustrated the conformist aspect of society and showed how individuals need to be the difference they wish to see in the world.

So go for it people! Go out there and make a difference in the world! Otherwise Scar is gonna become King and the hyenas are going to eat all the food and life is totally going to suck.

Think about it.

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