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Friday, November 6, 2009

Our New Jersey Governor: Chris Christie

November 3rd, 2009 marked Election Day and the beginning of a new order in New Jersey State law. Current Governor Jon Corzine was defeated by incumbent Chris Christie.

Personally, I could not even look at this decision as a “lesser of two evils” type of decision, which would have been a step-up. In my mind, it was: “which evil would you like to give this power to”, type of decision. Call me a pessimist, but New Jersey just seems to attract these corrupt politicians like a magnet.

There is a bright side. For once, in a long time, a politician was held accountable for his actions, or, in this case, his inaction. NJ residents were tired of having a governor that they felt could not and did not work for them. I think, this win was not so much of a “pro-Christie” win as it was an “anti-Corzine” win.

The sad news, there goes any hope for civil equality since Chris Christie has openly spoken about his position against equal marriage and a woman’s right to choose. But then again, Corzine had years to get this done and did he? In my mind, it does not make sense to promise people you will fight for them, and then ignore the situation for your entire term. Why should anyone believe in another campaign promise when you didn’t deliver the first time?

New Jersey is in for a long next couple of years and activists are going to have to make their voices heard more than ever. We are going to have to organize more, fight harder, and make it known that social injustices will not be tolerated or accepted.

I say…bring it.

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