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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sarah Palin is NOT a feminist.

Meet Bay Buchanan:

Bay seems to think that Sarah Palin is a feminist in "its truest form." Now, I could sit here and go over all the reasons why Sarah Palin is NOT a feminist, but instead I have a question:

What does feminism mean to you?

Part of feminism, to me at least, is about all people having the opportunity, knowledge, and the resources to make non-pressured choices. It's fine that Sarah chose to, and had the privilege to be able to, raise a family and maintain a political career. The fact that she uses that career to take away other women's ability to make their own reproductive choices is NOT feminist.

What do you think? Is Sarah Palin a feminist?




  1. No, Sarah Palin is not a feminist...most women aren't. Most people don't know what feminism means. Until recently I thought, like most intelligent people, that feminism was simply a term, a banner, for women's issues & rights, etc. It isn't. Feminism is what people identifying themselves as feminists ( not morons like Palin who ASSUME that they are feminists because they define themselves or are defined by other women by words like "powerful", "independent", etc. ) say it is. In other words, feminism is not about women, being a woman or women's rights, it is simply about FEMINISM itself...a THEORY propagated by university educated intellectuals...NOT "hockey moms" & "home makers".

    What Palin is is simply A woman who was chosen by Republican PR people to supposedly "represent the common woman". She was cynically employed to win votes for an aging & undynamic McCain. Palin "represents women" in the same way that McCain "represents men". Nothing she says or does is done with women in mind, just with Sarah Palin in mind. Her supporters are deluded idiots who presume that a "hockey mom" knows what's best for a country because she "bakes cookies AND mis manages a US state". She is a corrupt, inept, unintelligent, animal killing cretin.

    Back to feminism. My definition, based on what I have read FROM FEMINISTS...A theory based on mistaken beliefs, central to which is the myth that women are oppressed by a patriarchal system. Of course, it's much more than that, but essentially it is a theory that has largely been used as a force for bad, mostly bad for women.

  2. Pat Buchanan's moronic sister here, a woman so stupid that she converted TO mormonism, trots out the usual misinformed Conservative take on feminism...Palin doesn't "look like your usual feminist" ( because she's "attractive" ). Bay B states that Palin has "put to rest" the idea that only unattractive, unfeminine women can rise to power ( guess she forgot about Margaret Thatcher...a shop keeper's daughter & not entirely unattractive nor unfeminine...but still a monstrous person, like Palin )...or does she mean that "stupid people can be Vice President too if they're hockey moms".

    The "true feminist". There is no such thing as a "true feminist", since feminism is defined not by women, but by feminists. You either agree with their definition ( though it is subject to change...but only by feminists themselves ) or you don't. You can't "reclaim" feminism from feminists, you can only subvert its true meaning to suit your own purposes.

    The mormon has decided what Palin is for her. "Hi, I'm Sarah & my more intelligent & articulate media friend Bay says I'm a feminist...would you like to go shoot some defenceless animals from a chopper?"

    I support women 100% ( I am male ), but I do not & cannot support a theory that DICTATES to women. Millions of women throughout our World are unaware of feminism...what does that make them? I support these Africa, India, wherever they may be, just as I would support any fellow person or living thing.

    I do not regard feminism as a step forward for women, rather it helps to maintain & seek to exploit ( solely for feminism's gain ) an already divided World. Feminism's over riding concern is feminism ITSELF, not women per se. There are more women who oppose feminism than support it...their voices are not heard because feminist thinking presumes to know what is good for them.

    Intellectual theory will not provide for young women in Sierra Leone, not comfort a victim of abuse, not put food on a table. Feminism exists to sell books, create debate & fool women into believing that a very young theory is the answer to their is not & it may yet be the CAUSE of their problems as women in the West are discovering.

    In the end, the litmus test of feminist theory has to be, "what did it do for ME as a woman" & has it improved my life? Otherwise feminism is meaningless rhetoric.

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