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Dismantle, from a feminist perspective, all forms of oppression, including but not limited to those based on ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexual orientation.
Advocate for an equitable environment free from violence and harassment based on gender, race, and sexual orientation.
Create an anti-racist, non-sexist, queer-affirmative space where all people can feel valued and safe.
Facilitate and strengthen connections among people across lines of difference through programming and educational campaigns.
Integrate an appreciation of Women's Gender and Multicultural Studies across the disciplines.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Manic Onion Monday!

Manic Onion Monday!

Well the Onion really hit the nail on the head with this satire of homophobic legislation. The Onion, a satirical news organization, publishes articles spoofing modern articles and headlines. This particular “radio newscast” had one of the Onion’s reporters cover high court’s banning same-sex friendships. The reporter goes into detail about how “unnatural” same-sex friendships, comradery, and even physical affection like hugging is and how it was apparently newly illegal in Colorado.

I love this particular spoof because it succeeds in highlighting the ridiculous homophobic beliefs that people buy into. My favorite aspect of it is that same-sex CONVERSATIONS were now illegal and seen as “an abomination before the Lord”. Putting anti-queer beliefs into another perspective, and in another context aids in shedding light on the community as a whole. When anti-queer oppression is put into an extreme form it becomes clear how unjust the realistic oppression is. I think that if more ads like this were put into mainstream television and radio, individuals who don’t quite understand the issues surrounding the queer community might have an easier time learning and understanding it.

Think about it.

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