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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mark of Freedom

History was made in Mexico recently as five same-sex couples were wed in Mexico City. Legislature granting same-sex marriage the same legal status as heterosexual marriages had just past in December of 2009, as well as allowing same-sex couples to adopt children. While same-sex marriages can only take place in Mexico City, they are recognized throughout the country like heterosexual marriages.

“This is the mark of freedom,” said Judith Vazquez, one of the new happy couples.

And truly it is. While deliberating the passing of the same-sex marriage legislature, Mexico City was looking at the United States, specifically states such as Iowa, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia, as they have passed same-sex marriage. However, the legitimacy of these marriages ends at the state borders and cannot be recognized elsewhere. I believe the United States should look towards Mexico City now, as the same-sex marriages that take place there are recognized throughout the entire country.

It’s great to see that other countries, despite countless protests from religious organizations and anti-gay groups, are beginning to allow equality for all their citizens. I hope that in the near future the United States will continue to allow equality for all citizens, regardless of sexual orientation, like Mexico City has done.

- Shane

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