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Friday, March 5, 2010

Prom Prejudice

As Pride Prom at Ramapo rapidly approaches I have been reflecting on my own personal prom experience. I was only “out” to my two closest friends on campus and while I deeply wanted to attend prom with a boy, I knew it would never be accepted or possible. So instead I went with my best female friend, which was fine. Looking back I wouldn’t have it any other way. But still, deep inside there is a feeling that the prom experience I had heard so fondly of was taken from me just because I am attracted to members of the same sex.

It was four years ago that I attended prom and still today LGBT high school students are facing the same issues I did. In Mississippi a high school senior, Constance McMillen, is now battling her county school district to allow her to bring her girlfriend with her to prom. What is the big deal?\

The Itawamba County School District threatens that if other students feel uncomfortable with Constance bringing her girlfriend to prom, they will force her to leave. But has anyone given any thought to the comforts of Constance and her girlfriend? What about the thousands of LGBT students around the country that dream of bringing their partner to prom and realize it’s a fruitless desire? When will the heterosexism that controls the lives of LGBT students finally allow the same rights for all students regardless of orientation?

Enlighten me.

- Shane

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