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Friday, March 26, 2010

Returning Home?

This past Wednesday, MTV had presented another touching episode of The Real World D.C. where Mike’s story of his newfound openness of his sexuality was continued. On this episode his partner came to visit and there Mike truly proved his embracing with being intimate with a member of the same sex. They held hands on the street and when approached by bystanders, Mike retorted with “What’s the big deal if we hold hands?!”

Inspired by this change in Mike’s view of sexuality, his partner Tanner returned home from D.C. and came out to his parents about he and Mike’s relationship. Unfortunately, Tanner’s parents reacted negatively to this news and threatened to take away his vehicle and his home.

While Mike tried to be strong for Tanner a couple hundred miles away, there was little he could do but give words of encouragement. He promised in three weeks time when he returns to their Colorado roots that he will take care of the situation.

What Tanner has experienced is the harsh reality of many young queer individuals. In fact, a large population of the homeless community identify with queer lifestyles. I have never understood how a parent cannot love their child unconditionally. I was personally touched by Mike’s plea with the parents in the audience. He demanded that parents love their child unconditionally, regardless of sexual orientation.

Mike is proving time and time again for being a great advocate for the queer community on a network that is watched by a wide-range of youths, both queer and non-queer.

Would you abandon your child because of who they choose to love? Could you?

- Shane

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