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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beauty Ideals..Then and Now

I love watching old movies. If you can get past the blatant racism, sexism, and every other ism that saturates many of the films, they can be enjoyable. I was searching for an old movie on youtube, and you know how it works, you click one video, which brings you to another video, which eventually brings you to this:


There is NO discretion used AT ALL here. I love the concept that the woman is sitting at home tailoring a dress and then stops for a coke break. If ONLY she were as thin as her mannequin again.

I think that's what is so scary about commercials now though, it's so much harder for people to blatantly see how advertising effects their body image. Because, let's face it, if an actress came right out with, "You need to be thinner. You're ugly"...people might get mad. So, we get this:

Yeah, it may not being directly telling you, that you are not pretty enough, but I'm pretty sure it just defined what pretty is. And, if you don't look like those models, well then, you're clearly just not pretty.

I think that's bullshit.

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