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Thursday, April 29, 2010

“I’m Just 13, I’m Not Really Thinking About Motherhood Right Now”

...But does that mean you can’t be thinking about what you want to be when you grow-up besides being a mother? According to Columbia Childs’ father, that’s exactly what it means.

I was watching re-runs of the popular television show “Wife swap” and this particular episode was called “Battle of the Bible”. Both families are religious but had opposing views of the bible. The Childs’ family are conservative Christians who believe that women are subservient to men and whose main goal in life is to stay home and raise a family. The Beckman-Heskett family are liberal Christians and encourage their two daughters to think with open minds and to express themselves freely.

The ending was so heartbreaking because the Childs’ 13 year old daughter, Columbia "decided" that Mrs. Beckman-Heskett was brainwashing her and that she could not actually be a working mother and that she was going to focus on having a family and not becoming a doctor (All together now….NOOOOOOO!!) Oh, did I mention this was after her father angrily drove off with her in a van late at night after Mrs. Beckman-Heskett had been teaching his children about powerful women in history earlier that afternoon?

Here’s an article that accounts the entire episode and I highly recommend watching this particular episode:

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