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Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Day is HERE!

Tomorrow is Election Day!! Polls in New Jersey are open 6am-8pm.

To find out where to vote, visit

Just because it's not a Presidential year does not mean you shouldn't vote! In fact, it should be even more of a reason to do so. Your vote matters more because not as many people vote in off election years.

For example, in my town of Roselle Park, we have a race between 3 candidates for Mayor...for the first time in 16 years we will have a NEW mayor. I'd want to help determine who that would be.

Additionally, every seat in the House of Representatives is up. Vote for who you want to represent you on the Congressional level. If you live in New Jersey, here is a link to who is running in each district.

Also noteworthy, is that this year is considered a "midterm election." Half of the United States Senators' terms are up. New Jersey does not have to worry about it this year. NJ Senator Robert Menendez's term is up in 2013, and NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg's term is up in 2015.

If you're a New York resident, there's a HUGE Gubernatorial race going on.

Lastly, I feel like people forget about or overlook the referendum (a public question about legislation which you can vote to approve or not approve). Sample ballots are usually mailed to your voting address to give you a heads up, so nothing is a surprise on Election Day when you go into the voting booth, or when you leave your Mail-In Ballot for the last minute.

Here’s a link to the public question. And there’s an interpretive statement in case the original question is confusing.

Don't forget to VOTE! Again, polls are open from 6am-8pm.

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