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Friday, December 10, 2010

It's a Gay Relationship! Let's Not Be So Serious!

So, as I've previously pointed out - I'm a fan of The A-List. Yes! I'm a reality TV junkie, I'll admit. I can't help it. It's just so darn entertaining.

In my previous post about The A-List, I attempted to shed some light on why I think the show shouldn't speak for the entire LGBT population. To which I still agree. Viewers of the show shouldn't take what is said by the cast as the thought process of every gay person in America.

However, I'm really upset with what I heard last night while catching up on some re-runs. Reichen, while being one of the more likable characters in my opinion, said something really offensive. He said," I don't think gay relationships need to mimic straight relationships. I mean, let's lighten up and not be so jealous, let's have more of a good time. I mean, this is a gay relationship."

Wait. What?!

Reichen, Reichen, Reichen... I really liked you! (I still do) but I'm really hurt and bewildered as to why you would think that. I think we as gay men have a hard enough time validating our relationships as being exactly the same as any heterosexual relationship. We certainly don't need "one of our own" speaking out against us and undermining the worth of gay relationships!

Fail Reichen. Major fail.

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