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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ke$ha's "Grow A Pear"

While many artists are bringing people together with their music (i.e. - Katy Perry's "Firework", Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"), there are some artists who are dividing their fan base.

Many are offended by Ke$ha's "Grow A Pear". The lyrics are very anti-woman and anti-trans, for example, "You should know / That I love / You a lot / But I just can't date a dude with a vag"

The entire chorus is women bashing:

When we fell in love, you made my heart drop
Then you had me thinking 'bout you nonstop
But you cry 'bout this and whine about that
When you grow a pear, you can call me back
Yeah, I think you're hot, I think you're alright
But you're acting like a chick all the time
You were cool and now you're not just like that
When you grow a pear, you can call me back

Is Ke$ha intentionally being offensive or is she simply mirroring what we're taught from birth- the worst thing you can be called is a woman.

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