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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yet another bill to ban abortion:

A recent article from Feministing says that a “heartbeat” bill in Ohio seeks to make abortion illegal just 18 days after conception. Anti-choice groups have always made efforts to curb the legal issues about abortion, whether by giving rights to zygotes (or whatever they can think of). But 18 days??? Come on, many women who get pregnant don't even realize that they are pregnant after a month or more. Now, having a window of 18 days does not really help that much does it? That would give women 2 weeks to decide on what to do about the pregnancy, save some money for the abortion and deal with all the emotional stress that goes with it, and also the 24 hour counseling that they have to go through.

These people need to realize that there are conflicting sides to every story, a person is or should be entitled to their own body and they are or should be free to do whatever they want. This issue is not just a matter of religion, political views, morals and values but for me it is mostly a personal issue, not something to be taken on a public eye but rather private. This is a decision that should be made by the person but not the laws that are surrounding her.

This bill will be introduced later this month, after Valentines Day and if the bill passes be sure to see more of it to come in Texas and Oklahoma.

To read more about this article visit Feministing!

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