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Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Girls Don't Cry...Or Do They?

I couldn't help but analyze a situation I was put in the other day, about the "catch 22" that comes with women and crying. I was perceived as unapologetic about something because I did not cry and beg forgiveness. That's not me. This isn't 3rd grade where I got sent to the Principal's office for talking back to the teacher. Sure, it might have made me upset back then, but not when I'm 21 and a student leader.

I personally don't like to cry in public. If something upsets me, and the waterworks start, I casually go to the bathroom or my own room as to not make a scene. I don't like to call attention to myself, because then people stare or ask "What's wrong?" which just makes you more upset.

As a student leader that has to interact with administration, members of the Board of Trustees and donors of the college, I don't like to show people if I am upset. I feel like I'm already judged based on my age, and in some cases, my inexperience, so why would I want to give people another reason to be condescending towards me? Obviously, this is how we are taught to feel, and is not right. I recognize that.

Of course we have the well-known example of the 2008 Presidential election when Hilary Clinton was perceived as either the "tough bitch" in the game of politics, or the "weak woman" that shed a tear.

I hate how society dictates this ultimatum that women are too tough and incapable of emotion if they don't cry, but they're too sensitive or weak if they do. Make up your damn minds.

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