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Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Glee" Gets Feminist Friendly

I guess I’m a Gleek. I’m not obsessed with the show, but I love everything musical theatre so I get a big kick out of Glee. Also the creater, Ryan Murphy, is a genius in my book and has put out some great work in the past.

As much I as I love “Glee” its style as a dark comedy often plays on stereotypes, which can kinda erk the feminist side of me. However, this Tuesdays episode “Sexy” made the feminist inside of me jump for joy. The episode was focused primarily on sex education, and specifically how abstinence-only education simply isn’t realistic and is sometimes dangerous. Gwyneth Paltrow reappeared as Holly Holliday, who was a substitute sexual education teacher that shook things up and educated the students.

The character of Holly Holliday also served as a mentor for the characters of Brittany and Santana. These two cheerleaders were jokingly “friends with benefits” for most of the show’s run, but this episode took their relationship to a deeper level where they were able to discuss their feelings for each other. The show portrayed the bisexual coming out experience beautifully, showing the confusion that can come from not fitting into one specific label. Furthermore, the social construct of labels was addressed, as Santana asked the Glee club not to label her due to her feeling for Brittany.

If you’ve never seen Glee, or if you’re a “Gleek” like me check the episode out! Did you like the representation of sexual education and bisexuality in the episode?

Think about it.

(Here’s the scenes with Santana/ Brittany)

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