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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Grey's Anatomy" Win!

I’ve been a fan of “Grey’s Anatomy” since High School. I know some people may think its lame, but it’s my favorite. One of the reasons I love “Grey’s” the way I do is because of their awesome representation of a queer couple with Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres. Their relationship is just like the other ones represented in the show: they have friends, disagreements, compromises, and above all happiness and companionship. So often, Queer characters in the media only have plot lines about their homosexuality; however, “Grey’s” succeeds in making it just one of many aspects that make the characters dynamic.

That being said, the moments and episodes where they focus on issues relating to the coming out process, discrimination, and insecurity regarding sexuality are done with tact and have the ability to really educate viewers who might be uneducated on Queer issues. Most recently, “Grey’s” succeeded in creating a nontraditional family within the show: Callie and Arizona are expecting a child thanks to an accidental sperm donation by Callie’s best friend Mark. Rather than picking two parents, the three have agreed to raise the baby together. I’m thrilled that out of all of the characters to have a child, it was the queer couple- especially since it is a new family mode. So bravo “Grey’s”! This is one feminist that appreciates the great stuff you put into your show.

Here is a video of Arizona talking to Callie’s father after his less than receptive reaction to their relationship.

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