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Monday, May 9, 2011

Massachusetts Bullying Case

15-year old Phoebe Prince took her own life after being continuously ridiculed by fellow school mates. She was physically attacked, verbally abused and emotionally unstable due to the careless acts committed by friends of a former boyfriend of hers. the case has been surrounded around 6 students allegedly involved in the bullying. The most amazing part of this story is the amount of time and investigation Massachusetts has put in to reveal the truth about this child's suicide. She was a young, innovative girl who made one decision that turned into misery, not by choice but by antagonizing peers.

The day she took her life she was followed from the library all the way home, being bullied and verbally abused by student s who found they acts harmless. There is nothing harmless about any abuse or injury to anyone's emotions or state of mind. To bully is too attack the feelings and to devour the soul in ways unexplainable. This teenage girl had been repeatedly faced with the effects of jealousy and hate and yet no one has received jail time. I am saddened to once again see that the lives of amazing children in the world are be taken by the acts of careless individuals who do not care to watch how they treat people or consider for a moment what their actions may cause.

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