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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Let Women Die" Act

Recently, Congress has brought the “Protect Life Act” to the table for debate. The act, proposed earlier this year, allows hospitals to deny their patients abortions. If it is passed, abortions can be denied under all circumstances, including situations in which the woman’s life may be in danger. This aspect of the proposal has earned it the nickname “Let Women Die” Act. A feeble defense to the hostility arising is that the act would not play any active part in a death-it is just allowing medical professionals to refuse to save a life. Also proposed in the act is the outlawing of federal funds going to any health plans that cover abortions.

For those of you who are politically inclined, this may all sound a bit familiar. For thirty-five years now, the Hyde Amendment has provided the exact same powers to hospitals. This recently proposed act does nothing new; if anything, it only reinforces the rejection of a woman’s right to have control over her own body and choices. For those of us who are opposed to these laws, there will be twice as much work to undo what might be done if this act is passed.

There is a project in progress to make all the voices against the Hyde Amendment heard: The Repeal Hyde Art Project. For more information on this project, visit

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