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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Death in the Desert!

Fred Pleitgen and Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, CNN states that hundreds of African refugees have been released from captivity in the Sinai Peninsula and allowed to cross from Egypt into Israel, shortly after the CNN documentary Death in the Desert aired detailing the horrendous conditions the migrants face.

The documentary exposed human trafficking in Sinai of people from Sudan and Eritrea. Their were women being raped, servants being abused and organs being extracted, something known as organ harvesting. These horrible traffickers were enslaving these people and if they did not abide by their rules were killing them in an abundant amount. There was a graveyard formed to hold these deceased slaves and after CNN released this film speaking of such issues surrounding these countries over 600 slaves were freed. It is sad that it took them to see what they were doing as wrong until the public got involved. African refugees have had human rights activist fight for their freedom for years in groups like New Generation Foundation for Human Rights and EveryOne Group, an Italian non-profit organization. Some have died dedicating their lives, reaching out for help and now their is finally a film to express the pain.

As a community, society, a nation we should act as CNN did and expose situations like these not only when it comes to sexual violence and abuse but to all injustice. Serve your community and make others aware. Unfortunately had it not been for a big name as CNN these odious events would not have been discovered. However, if we make the efforts we can raise awareness about issues like these in our everyday lives. One voice can lead a nation, one action can save a life, one person you reach can lead to a movement. Take a stance and stop oppression everywhere.

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