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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Victim Blaming

Take a look at this ad recently released by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Are you seeing the same issues that I'm seeing? This ad is victim blaming left and right. Not only are victims given the fault, but their friends as well! If it's too small to read, the text in the lower right area says "When your friends drink, they can end up making bad decisions, like going home with someone they don't know very well. Decisions like that leave them vulnerable to dangers like date rape. Help your friends stay in control and stay safe."
I understand that they are using a very serious situation to scare teens away from alcohol, however, they are presenting information about sexual abuse that is unhelpful. The statements made in the advertising campaign perpetuate the unfortunate practice of victim blaming. This particular ad claims that the victim was abused because he or she could not or did not say no. The truth is, no one should be attempting any sort of sexual contact without consent from both parties. If there is no consent, then there should be no contact. In the case of date rape, the blame lies entirely with the assaulter. It is so sad that victims have a false stigma attached to their situation that places them in the wrong. Society should be making an effort to help victims recover and make them feel safe, not isolate and judge them.
What do you think about this advertising campaign? If these statements make teens think twice about drinking, would it be worth it? Personally, I think there is no excuse for victim blaming, and the practice needs to be reversed as soon as possible. There are always other ways to inform young people about the dangers of drinking

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  1. I've personally been a Victim just recently and the ad does not help me, its more insulting than anything. It was not my fault that the asshole drugged me and touched me on unwilling places. I did not get the chance to say no because I was knocked out by the drug and only realized afterwards that he was violating me. This ad wont help teens stop drinking, they will maybe glance at it but go drink anyways because everyone else is doing it. Best way to help is tell them how to prevent being drugged by people. ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR DRINK! Do not even trust your close guy friend because that was my mistake.