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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Healthy Love Week: The Perfect Vagina

In honor of tonight's Healthy Love Week event, Emily's Erotic Craft & Conversation Hour, I wanted to share a multimedia answer to a question that we received at a recent Healthy Love Party:

Can you talk about vaginas, and how they all look different but that's okay?

This question made me smile, because just last semester we'd been looking at pictures of vaginoplasty in my Love & Sexuality class and it was been quite disheartening to hear so many of my classmates insisting that the "after" pictures just objectively looked better. They didn't. At least, not in my opinion, and I was so happy to know that someone else shared my belief.

The pictured parts looked fine before and, yes, they looked fine after too... but what was the point? I don't know, maybe I'm just being too sensitive, but something about that area is just so personal & intimate that it makes me shiver to think of inviting a plastic surgeon to cut it up and sew it into the shape that society has deemed appealing.

Anyways, there is a lot to say about this topic, but rather than saying it myself I want to share with you all this awesome (FREE!) documentary that looks into the issue:

The perfect vagina from heather leach on Vimeo.

Also, fun fact... did you know that the area on the outside that you see (and sometimes get cut up for the sake of beauty) is called the vulva? The vagina is the internal canal that leads up to the cervix!

If you want to eat some delicious food, make a vulva or penis pin, hang out with some cool people, and  talk about the documentary (or any of the lovely topics that Emily has been looking up!) then check out Emily's Erotic Crafting and Conversation Hour TONIGHT in the Women's Center (C220) at 9:00pm. 

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  1. Well, as long as it is done with respect, I guess it is fine to talk about vaginas and how they look. Vaginas look different from each other, and that all depends on how a woman takes care of hers.