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Monday, February 20, 2012

Military women should expect to be RAPED!

Fox News commentator Liz Trotta say that women in the military are complaining that they have been “raped too much.” Women in the military have campaigned for the chance to serve in the front lines among men in the military for quite a while. The Pentagon’s new rules mostly catch up to the realities of the battlefield while keeping the ban on women serving in combat in place. Advocates for women in the military had hoped for more. Trotta's angry comments arose in response to this plan of changing rules.

Women in the military are requesting safety in the force and for the opportunity to be protected as they are protecting their country. Trotta states in her argument that we as a country should be more worried about protecting the country than protecting the women fighting. What an infringement on women's rights to not be eligible to be protected by the country they serve. It seems that we are good enough to fight for this country but not good enough to be protected from sexual assault. A women's body to Trotta must be more useful as an offering for men in combat than to be respected for their noble actions.

Trotta went on to say that the military is now spending $113 million a year to address sexual assault in the ranks — spending she says is unwarranted because women in the military should “expect” to be raped. The U.S. military has seen a 64 percent increase in violent sexual assaults since 2006. "I can’t imagine another employer, government or private, who would tell female employees they should not expect the same safety protections and civil treatment as male employees," says the members of the San Fransisco Editorial Board. It is a high costs which many can agree with but it is not the women asking to be sexually assaulted. There may also be men who are being sexually assaulted but because it is not socially acceptable to state such an issue it seems as all the money is being used for women alone. This is not an excuse to state that they should expect or are asking for rape when dedicating their lives to combat. I am flabbergast by this concept she believes in and it is truly sad to see another woman state such toxic statements about other women.

Watch the video for yourself and listen to the absurdity of this women who is degrading military women.

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