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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tutorial: Vulva Pins!

So as you may or may not know, during Healthy Love Week here at Ramapo, we held an event called "Emily's Erotic Crafting and Conversation Hour." For the most part, we crafted vulva pins and they were a hit! I made this tutorial so our readers could have as much fun as we did with whimsical crafting.

First of all, gather your supplies. You will need at least two different coloured pieces of felt, a pin finding to glue on the back, a small bead, a needle and thread, and any decorative things you would like (in this picture I have assorted glitter glue).
Decide which colour you would like to be the outer labia. I chose purple! Draw an indented oval on the felt to guide your cut (see the picture for reference). It doesn't have to be perfect or even-every vulva is different!
Draw the inner labia on the other piece of felt-again, it can be big or small and any shape. I'm rather fond of this wavy shape. Cut both pieces of felt out and lay the inner labia on top of the outer.
Now you will need to sew them together. Take your needle and thread (make sure you knot the end!) and do a simple stitch around the edge of the inner labia. Before you tie it off, pull the thread gently to scrunch the felt up. Arrange the layout of the piece in a way that you like, and tie the thread off in the back.

Now it's time to create the clitoral hood! I used the same colour felt as the outer labia, but you can go for a completely new colour if you'd like. Draw a half moon-ish sort of shape onto the felt and cut it out.
Bend it in half and lay it on top of the vulva you made. Sew it on from the bottom (the thinner point) up. At the top, stitch into one side of the felt, string a bead (this is the clitoris!) onto your thread, and stitch down into the other side. If you need to, arrange everything so it lays nicely and tie your thread off in the back.

Now it's time for decorations! You can do whatever you'd like to at this point, or do nothing at all and skip to the next step. I decided to accent the inner labia with pink glitter glue!
Almost done! Flip your piece over and glue on the pin finding. Remember, if you used glue to decorate the front, WAIT until it dries. You will also need to put the pin in a safe place to allow the finding to dry.
Voila! What a beautiful vulva pin! Wear it everywhere, make a statement! Have a great day everybody!

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  1. This is an amazing idea! You should totally make one with fruit roll-ups!