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Advocate for an equitable environment free from violence and harassment based on gender, race, and sexual orientation.
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Ramapo Stands Up for Trayvon

At this point most of us are aware of what happened to Trayvon Martin a few weeks ago (if you're still unaware check out this post that Ashley wrote on the topic.) Many of us are also aware of the horrific deaths that have happened a bit closer to home as well (Dwayne Browne in Brooklyn and Malik Williams in Garfield). What most of us may be missing out on now is what happens next? How do we deal with the frustration and anger that this horrific situation has brought to the forefront of our minds? How do we deal with the racism that had a role in the pulling of the trigger in all of these instances? How do we encourage our country to make sure that some sort of justice is pursued in honor of these boys and men who died at the hand of someone else's prejudice?

If you go to school here at Ramapo or live somewhere in the area one option for "what do we do next?" is to participate in the discussion and silent rally that is being planned by a committee of students and faculty for this upcoming Wednesday, April 11th.

If you want to show your support:

Wear a hoodie all day Wednesday to show solidarity & help spread the word about that evening's events.

Join us in the Alumni Lounges at 8:30pm for a discussion about the facts of this case and the implications of how Trayvon's death is being handled by law enforcement and the media. The discussion will be followed by a silent march.

If you have class or another commitment feel free to join us at the end of the discussion for the silent march which will be departing from outside of the Alumni Lounges around 9:45pm.

Also, join us Thursday from 3-5pm in the Women's Center for a "Coffee Talk" themed around reacting to the march and determining where we go from here. Even if you can't participate Wednesday feel free to come to Coffee Talk to process and help us figure out how to move forward.

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