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Friday, April 20, 2012

Zimmerman is just the beginning!

After George Zimmerman had taken the stand for his trial pertaining to the second-degree murder charge of Trayvon Martin he insisted on stating his condolences to the parents. He insisted that, had he known the age of the child, he would not have reacted the way he did as if the perceived age rather than race is what caused this atrocity to inevitably happen to their child.

According to CNN, Zimmerman, 28, was charged on April 11 with second-degree murder in the February death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, after the case sparked a heated, national debate over racial profiling and saw thousands of protesters demand Zimmerman's arrest. The judge has set a bond of $150,000, with conditions.
The conditions include:
– GPS monitoring
– Zimmerman would have to contact authorities every three days
– No contact with the victim's family
– No possession of firearms
– No use of controlled substances, other than those prescribed by a physician.

Although many people have began to applaud the court system and the Florida police for finally doing something we must not lose sight of what it took and what has been taken away from the community in order for something to be done.

The campaign that many participants all over the United States took part in is what helped lead to action taking place. Most of the campaigns and protests for Justice were entitles as "WE ARE TRAYVON MARTIN." In the case of Trayvon many supporters were Caucasian, Hispanic, etc., and, although their support was greatly appreciated, at the end of the day had they been the ones walking past with a hooded sweater they would not have been questioned or seen as suspicious.

With all the hype that led to the conviction of Zimmerman it was necessary and widely supportive, but it is a false statement to say that it could have been any of our youth and that we are all Trayvon Martin. Had there been another youth who's life was taken it most likely still would have been another black child due to Zimmerman's racial profiling or internalized oppression, whichever lead to his atrocious actions. I am extremely thankful however that the action led to some form of justice but justice will never be served truly until the bigger picture of this scenario is solved and that is the racism and oppression still existent in our societies.

We must not let this act stop our daily action nor shall we forget of this case because if there was no action Zimmerman would have walked away free to continue his egregious behaviors and cause another broken home. We must take this victory as the fuel to know We the People can supply change. 

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