Founded in 1974, the Women’s Center was established to:
Dismantle, from a feminist perspective, all forms of oppression, including but not limited to those based on ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexual orientation.
Advocate for an equitable environment free from violence and harassment based on gender, race, and sexual orientation.
Create an anti-racist, non-sexist, queer-affirmative space where all people can feel valued and safe.
Facilitate and strengthen connections among people across lines of difference through programming and educational campaigns.
Integrate an appreciation of Women's Gender and Multicultural Studies across the disciplines.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The pop singer, Ke$ha, released her new song "Die Young." Ke$ha has been notorious for her pop hits, and after a two-year hiatus, she's back! The song talks about being young, living for the moment, and of course being yourself.

Ke$ha is in a way a feminist, and she believes in equality for all. She sings about issues that most people tend to ignore, and she is a person that most people can relate to. She believes that women are indeed equal to men, and nothing  can stop girl power. She has been involved in many nonprofit projects that include educating women around the world, and animal rights, such as PETA. Her image is very unconventional, something that is not seen in today's pop music. In most of her lyrics, she sings how women do not need to feel inferior men, instead they should embrace themselves and conquer all. Ironically, the dollar sign in her name was put there as symbol to say that she can earn her own money without depending on a partner. Overall, her music brings all types of people together, and she encourages people to celebrate themselves.


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