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Friday, December 14, 2012

Deerhunter's "Helicopter"

Trigger Warning (in description, not video): Sex slaves, sexual abuse, suicide

The above song, "Helicopter" off of Deerhunter's album Halycon Digest, is a tribute to Dimitry (Dima) Marakov, a man who set out to pursue his dream to be a fashion designer as a teenager in Russia before engaging in a series of unfortunate circumstances. After numerous encounters with older men who ensured Marakov that they would assist him in working towards a career in fashion, Dimitry suddenly disappeared one day when he was around 20 years old, cutting off all former contacts. Ignat Lebedev, and acquaintance of Marakov's that worked as an extort the same time as Dima, claims to have witnessed the last public sighting of Dima in a nightclub where he was seen being forcibly sodomized by ten to fifteen men. Police ignored Lebedov'z requests to investigate Dima's disappearance; he later contacted a well-known Russian journalist who was abducted, beaten, and threatened with murder while investigating. Another man claimed to have seen someone who matched Dima's description be thrown from a helicopter over a remote forest in Russia in 2005. Before his death in 2007, Dima's ex-lover reportedly told friends he had sold Dima as a sex slave in late 2005 to a wealthy man in the Ukraine, where he remained for around a year before committing suicide.

Click here for the complete story.

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