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Monday, February 11, 2013

I Lost Weight....For Me!

America is one of the top nations in the world facing obesity problems and other related health issues. With all of the fast-food chains available, it sounds like a recipe for immediate weight gain. There are more and more McDonald's franchises being built each day and they have made no effort to slow that momentum down or stop altogether. Eating, next to sleeping, is one of the activities Americans engage in the most, and who wouldn't ,food is great! However, some people eat for other reasons a part from loving food; some eat for mental disorders or because it serves as a coping mechanism for some dilemma they may be facing. I came across this article about a mother/wife who has been dealing with overweight issues for a while. (Check the Story Out) Her marriage began to suffer from her weight issues as well as her husband admitting that he had an issue with her weight. That is when her breaking point occurred, she wanted to have a healthy lifestyle as well as save her marriage. She began to lose weight, but her husband still did not notice, at that moment she realized it wasn't her weight that was affecting their marriage at all; she still wanted to lose the weight, but it was no longer for her marriage. It was something she felt she needed to do for herself! (you go girl!) After filing for divorce, the woman continued to eat healthy and take on several exercise regimens to help reach her goal of losing 145 pounds. Starting off at 247 pounds, she has finally gotten down to 140 pounds almost reaching her all time goal of weighing135 lbs.

If that isn't an empowerment story of overcoming obstacles and reigning victorious, then I don't know what is. It's amazing how people have this misconception of the perfect physical appearance and lifestyle they just have to strive for. Appearance shouldn't be at such a grand level where it determines the fate of individuals. It should be the contents of their heart. I am proud this woman has gotten out of her marriage and triumphed over all odds stacked against her.

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