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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why we celebrate Eating Disorder Awareness Week

This week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and to celebrate, the Women’s Center is in go-mode, sponsoring a ton of events to wake the campus up on issues like body image, and identifying and preventing eating disorders.  Catch us tabling this week, and be sure to check out “Aren’t You FED up?” tomorrow, 1-2pm SC-136 and the “Mind of an Eating Disorder” Art Display, while you’re there.  Guest speaker Nancy Graham of Renfrew Center of NJ will be talking about how we have unrealistic expectations of beauty, largely because of the media, and how this affects our body image.

So why do we celebrate it here at Ramapo College?  Recently I read an article that brought all of this together for me.  Highlighting the issue of eating disorders among college students, this article entitled, “Sisterhood and Eating Disorders,” features the viewpoint of college student, Ashtyn Hemendinger as she talks about how she dealt with her eating disorder.  She points out that the media pressures students to have the ‘perfect body,’ rather than a nourished one.  She says, “I had an eating disorder.  I was reluctant to share my struggle in an environment where dieting and negative body talk were common.”  This just shows the impact that an oblivious population can have on someone with an eating disorder.  So, out of respect for those us of on campus who may be dealing with such troubles, we strive to educate and empower students on the importance of having a positive body image and identifying eating disorders early on.  Happy Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and aid us in enabling our student body to maintain a positive body image!

If interested, take a look at the National Eating Disorders Association Magazine:

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