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Monday, March 11, 2013

My Nomination for Mom of the Year

Let me preface this post with this simple truth: My mom, in my opinion, is deserving of mother of the year indefinitely. Even though she wouldn’t admit it.

Often when I was growing up and even now, I’ve heard my mom say the following,
“I guess I’m not going to win mother of the year this year”
But she couldn’t have been further from the truth; and here’s why.

Last week I had the privilege of attending an event on my college campus titled, “A Woman’s Worth” which focused on women in the workforce and the importance of negotiating their value in their career fields. Two of the panelists work in corporate fields, and they both brought up an idea that made me think about my life and my experiences growing up with a working mom.
Before I begin, I grew up in a family where my mom and dad were together and were equally supportive and influential in raising me. But, being that this is Her-Story month, I’m going to talk about my mom. I digress, the panelists discussed the idea that most women in the workforce tend to and are almost expected to sacrifice their careers to have a family. At one point, a panelist explained that it is incredibly difficult to maintain a career and family, so  often times women are expected to just back down in their career to raise their family.

But here’s what sparked in my mind.
My mom didn’t step away from her career, in fact, she worked, had a family and did so much more.  
So I need to introduce my mom,
My mom wears many hats: She is first off, mine and my brothers mom, wife to my dad, a nurse, a student, and an EMT:In wearing each hat she gives all she has and succeeds in ways that she often doesn’t see, but thankfully, I’ve been able to see.

From grade school through high school I did enough sports, clubs, and activities that I probably covered anything that you could think of: and if I didn’t, my brother helped and covered the rest. But without fail my parents were always there for us, be it cheering in the stands, driving to practice, watching a play or helping us put a project together. In any case, my mom was always there, (and so was my dad).
My mom has worked in the Emergency Room at St. Clare’s Hospital in Dover, for the last 25 years, and I have heard so many people tell me that she is a phenomenal nurse. Even though she denies it, she truly is. There are few people who can set an IV in a variety of patients and provide true compassion to each person that she interacts with. Notwithstanding, the immense knowledge and perception that she has is unmatched; but most important, the amount of care she puts into her job and the hospital has shown me the true value of investing in your work.
More recently, my mom has become a student again, pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the College of Saint Elizabeth. Before my brother and I, my mom went to school and obtained her Associates Degree in Nursing, which helped her get the job she has with Saint Clare’s. But times are changing and so in 2010 my Mom decided to go back to school; which was a big step, considering she had graduated from college more than 20 years earlier. The road was hard and the work was often difficult, but once again my mom has proven that she can do anything, as she has achieved a very respectable Grade Point Average and is situated to graduate with honors from her program. The amazing part is that while doing all this, my mom attended almost every swim and track meet she could, supported me in the various things that I was doing at the time and was always there if I needed to talk to her about serious, growing up stuff; or if we just wanted to watch a movie or spend time together.
All in All, I would say that my mom isn’t simply mother of the year, she is mother of a lifetime. She has been an instrumental figure in my life and she has consistently gone above and beyond in everything she does. Not only did my mom raise a family, she also cultivated a successful career and proved that while doing both is difficult, it takes a special, determined and compassionate woman to do so.
So to my mom, I just want to say thank you for all that you do; you don’t know how much of an impact it has made to me and I hope you know how proud I am of everything you do.
And to all the women out there, you do amazing things everyday and maybe you don’t realize it, but you are appreciated and you are amazing individuals. So if you are reading this, thank an extraordinary woman in your life, let her know that she rocks.

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