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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Orange is The New Black

I recently got caught up on an online-series through a friend of mind called “Orange is the New Black.” Even before I sat and watch the episodes, I've heard comments and statements about ‘how in your face’ the show is and how controversial it gets right from Jump Street. The show is about a Caucasian female, Piper Chapman who gets sentenced 15 months in prison for a crime committed ten years ago for transporting money from her drug dealing girlfriend at the time.  The show revolves around her life in prison as well as the other inmates she interacts with on a day-to-day basis; it gives the audience the back story of how each inmate gets put into jail. The reason I deem this show to be so controversial and to be pushing all limits and perceptions of the prison life to a new level. ‘Orange is the New Black’ does an exceptional job of exposing corruption in the justice system. It shows events that are very realistic and prevalent to society, but people don't actually take the time to notice. For example, there was an inmate by the name of Tasha "Tastee" Jefferson, who was released from the prison program, but was not fully prepared or equipped with skills or techniques to survive in the real world and returned back to jail in a matter of a few weeks. This is a lesson to actual correctional facilities and prisons in the world. There needs to be transitional programs and workshops to prepare people to make it on their own, such as interviewing skills, computational skills, communication skills, etc. This is just a snippet of ALL of the problems covered in these 60-minute drama-filled episodes. If you haven't done so already, I would encourage you all to watch the show through Netflix, however there is explicit content in the series, so viewer discretion is advised.

Here's a trailer from the show

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