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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Priority Registration

Okay, so I'm sure you all have heard about the recently published article regarding athletes having priority registration. For those who do not know what priority registration means, it gives people the opportunity to register for their classes in the first time slot available. There has been a lot of controversy over this, specifically about what the author of the article had to say about it since he ignited the flame. Now before you cause a riot and get your pitch forks ready, read what the author had to say about it and then create your opinions. I am on the fence about the topic because on one hand, athletes do not have the luxury of choosing when practice and games will be scheduled. They are given days and times and must work all other obligations and responsibilities around that. On the other, it undermines other students at the school who do so much to build community and enhance the overall college experience through programming, developing several initiatives, and much more. Again, I highly recommend you read the article for yourself to understand a different perspective on it. Keep in mind, the author is making an argument against why athletes should not receive priority registration. It is a viewpoint article so he is speaking on his opinion, nothing factual!

Interested to hear about how you feel on this, please comment below!

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