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Thursday, November 7, 2013

What does manliness mean to you?

The start of November for many men the beginning of the end of shaving. (At least temporarily!) No-Shave November, which is portrayed as the most manly of pursuits, often stirs upconversation about what it truly means to be a man. Recently, I have been pondering this concept myself. Although I consider myself to be a very progressive thinker, I am not perfect, and sometimes default to stereotypical and somewhat harmful tropes of manhood.

In the Oxford Dictionary manliness is defined as:


the traditional male quality of being brave and strong

 For many, this definition is spot on. Manhood is often represented by transcending to a greater level of physical strength and bravery, but this narrow view of manhood can prove to cause many problems. I have observed that many men do not feel worthy because of lack of physical strength or other traits commonly imposed on to the idea of manhood. Not only does it hurt men's psyche over time, it also hurts those around them. When the display of strength and power is what is considered important,  it affects how men express themselves. In many ways, the culture of violence around the world could be argued to be connected to traditional ideals of masculinity. That being said, I encourage you to question your idea of masculinity this November. What does it mean to be a man to you? Is it bravery or compassion? Physical strength, or strength at an entirely different level?

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