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Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Blues

With Valentines day right around the corner, many of us  may start to feel a bit down... Things can get highly ... emotional, to say the least, and to some folks, it's just not very cool. The constant barrage of paper hearts and lovey-dovey chocolates  can get on ANYONES nerves, to be fair. Plus, sometimes it kind of stinks to just be reminded of how very single you are (though to be fair, some people are a-ok with that).

The combination of all this stuff just leaves some folks feeling down, and they often start to resent Valentines day, lashing out against it with the usual cries of "its a made up holiday!" and "I'm independent and don't need a holiday to make me want a relationship" and the old, still-not-funny, "happy singles awareness day" adage. While everyone has a right to an opinion and those are valid ones just like any others, saying things like that just ends up making the people who ARE enjoying the holiday feel pretty down as well. It's as if someone starts putting you down for wearing a costume at Halloween! We have to remember that even if we don't like Valentines day, it means a lot to some people, and if we start putting down others to make ourselves feel better about how little we enjoy it, it'll start ruining that day for those who do.

So how IS someone supposed to survive Valentines day all on their own then without ruining it for every one? Well it's simple, just treat it like any other old day. Honestly, that's all there is to it. Heck, this year it's a Friday! So finish up with class, grab some snacks, and veg-out watching Netflix (aka the perfect Friday night). If you think it's a pointless holiday, then just go on with your normal life and enjoy as is! No need to put it down and ruin the day for those who do celebrate. This way, everyone can have a blast on February 14th!  So, with that, I wish you all happy Valentines day OR a happy "Hallmark made-up holiday" day.

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