Founded in 1974, the Women’s Center was established to:
Dismantle, from a feminist perspective, all forms of oppression, including but not limited to those based on ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexual orientation.
Advocate for an equitable environment free from violence and harassment based on gender, race, and sexual orientation.
Create an anti-racist, non-sexist, queer-affirmative space where all people can feel valued and safe.
Facilitate and strengthen connections among people across lines of difference through programming and educational campaigns.
Integrate an appreciation of Women's Gender and Multicultural Studies across the disciplines.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why Passion Is Essential To Achieving Excellence

It has been an exciting journey since I officially became an employee of The Women’s Center at Ramapo. What is most striking is that I have already begun to feel a distinctive shift in my attitudes towards social situations and how I process information. I am constantly engaging in conversations with my co-workers about the role of gender, race, corporate responsibility, and popular culture; these are conversations that help build solid relationships with the people I work with as well motivate me to think more critically about the impact my work does in the Ramapo Community. I have learned that it is impossible to thrive in any environment unless you are passionate about what you are doing and work with individuals who equally as passionate. Here’s why;
Passionate people work harder because their work doesn’t feel like work. This is a mantra we frequently hear, “ Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” It is completely true. It is much easier to contribute to your employer if the information being discuss is material you are genuinely interested in and perhaps even indulge in on your leisure time.  It’s easy for a political buff to work in politics or for a music connoisseur to work in the arts. Likewise, It is difficult for a political buff to work for the tech industry if he or she loathed their computer science class in college. Working in something you’re passionate about makes work less strenuous.
When passionate people work together they build an environment that fosters excellence. Imagine you are going to open up a new cupcake shop. You want to sell the most mouth-watering cupcakes in your town; the kind of cupcakes that will make a person get in their car on a rainy Wednesday just to brighten up his or her day. You can only hire three bakers. The only way you will ever be able to create those delicious treats is if you hire the three most talented and passionate bakers who apply. These bakers will, without a doubt, have the skill to make great cupcakes but their passion for baking will make it unlikely that they ever settle for a mediocre product. You will have three different perspectives constantly improving your product. Essentially, this is what happens is any scenario when passion people work together.

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