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Advocate for an equitable environment free from violence and harassment based on gender, race, and sexual orientation.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Feels of Sound

Isn't music just great? Doesn't everyone think we should just have music playing everywhere we go whether it's to work, school, to bed, in the shower, on the toilet? Maybe that last one is going a little too far, but you get the point. I have music intertwined in my veins since I was a wee little sprout - it runs in my family heavily. My mother is a dancer, my father is a percussionist, my brother is a dancer and I am also a musician, (more of a side thing now), but it still thrives in my clan. I cannot go without a day of listening to music, I feel like it just throws me all off wack. When i'm studying, surfing the web, bored out of my mind, I need to listen to music. Even as I am writing this post I have music playing in the background from my Spotify account.
Now some people may think it is distracting and causes them to lose focus, but I am the complete opposite. I have more trouble focusing on tasks without music playing around me. It's not so much of a specific genre either, just as long as I feel it and can appreciate the instrumentation of it, I can listen to almost anything. I remember an English class I took in high school, we read an article about the different types of musical planes people listen to music on. In other words, there are different reasons why people listen to music. One was called the 'lyrical plane' which is listening based on the words of a song and/or there is some sort of connection being made with the lyrics of the song to the person hearing it. The one that I relate to the most, is called the 'sheerly musical' plane; it involves listening to music just for the purpose of listening to sounds and how the instrumentation of a song is put together.
Music also influences your emotions and what mood you are in or desire to be in. If you are in a romantic mood or are feeling really in tact with your affectionate side, then slow ballads or R&B music would typically be the genre chosen. If you're feeling enraged or just enthralled with energy, than up tempo Rock music might be suitable for that emotion, and if you're feeling inspired and empowered, than something along the lines of gospel or something that is uplifting like "Eye Of The Tiger" or "The World's Greatest" by R Kelly. You're probably wondering where am I going with all of this, but I really just wanted to talk about how great music is. It can be used to heal, to brainstorm, to calm, to excite, to inspire, to sadden - the list goes on. I really give my hat off to the individuals who create music for the world and give us another outlet to free ourselves, even if it's just for a few minutes.

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