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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why are you dressed so fancy today?

In my opinion, I'm asked this question FAR too many times a week. In today's society, it's become some sort of a social anomaly to walk around in a button down and some nice pants. Now let me clarify, nobody is ever rude when asking; most people actually throw me a compliment or two, and I sure as hell appreciate it.
  (Call me... I'm kinda handsome AND desperate. It's a win-win!)

 And while I love compliments just as much as the next person, it's kind of disappointing to me that classy dress has all but disappeared from the male wardrobe these days. Now look, I understand that everyone is different and rocks their own individual look, but I feel like today all I see is sweatpants and hoodies. To me, people just aren't presenting themselves with the class and potential they have. Some pleated pants, or a nice pair of corduroys,  a tucked in button down,  or even a nice layered polo-sweater combo, are all rarities with my generation...
"Is that guy wearing a TIE?! Do those still exist???"

  Outward appearance isn't everything, but it'd be pretty ridiculous to deny that how someone is dressed doesn't have an effect on how they're viewed. When someone is rocking the "I just woke up in this"-look,  they aren't putting their best foot forward.  Supposedly we take all of SEVEN seconds to form an opinion on someone after meeting them, and if the first thing we see is beat-up jeans and that SEXY socks and sandals look, that opinion is NOT going to be a very positive one. When someone, guy or girl, steps out of their home in a classy outfit, they look ambitious and ready to tackle that day. I mean, J.T. has a whole song about wearing a suit and tie, so there's gotta be SOME rational behind it... 
(Something-something... good lookin', doo-doo-doo!)

 There is also this idea going around that dressing classy has to be expensive. I mean, it can't be cheap can it? All those rich people wear fancy clothes, so how could us commoners afford them? Well as a broke college student, I have to tell you... IT CAN BE CHEAP.
 (If you tell me you did ANYTHING but react like this, I'm calling you a liar.)

I will tell you right now, 99% of the classy clothes that snag me those gnarly compliments, are NOT from highly priced stores. I am not a person with a lot of spending money, and stores like "K-Mart" "Target" and my favorite, "Old navy", have done nothing but serve me well. I have never entered a "J-Crew", and being in "Brooks Brother's" once nearly gave me price-induced heart palpitations. This idea that brands define a look is convoluted; you can find clothes that make you look fresh-to-death for affordable prices very simply. Instead of a plain old t-shirt, snag a bangin' button-down and vest for not much more. Juicy sweatpants? Nope, go for that sweet business skirt. You'll be looking classy with almost no dent in your bank account. 

Like I said before, everyone's look is their own. I'm not going to tell anybody that loves wearing sweats, socks, and sandals that they dress wrong; that would just make me a sociopath (Ha!). But really, I ENCOURAGE everyone to maybe consider bumping up the "classy factor" in their wardrobe. Whether it's just going from plain old T's to polos, or sweatshirts to argyle sweaters; every little bit helps. I believe folks should step out of the house looking their best, ready to challenge whatever comes their way with style.

So get out there, look your best, and GET SOME.

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