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Advocate for an equitable environment free from violence and harassment based on gender, race, and sexual orientation.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Manic Music Monday! Big Girl (You are Beautiful)

Mika is a British pop singer who is known for his extremely high singing and unique performances. In his first album “Life in Cartoon Motion” Mika performed a song called Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), which is one of my favorites on the album.
In this song, Mika celebrates the women in the world who are not stick-thin. He describes how some men are simply not “man enough” to love a bigger girl, even though he sees them as the most beautiful of them all. Some of my favorite lyrics from the song are:
“Walks into the room
Feels like a big balloon
I said, ‘Hey girls, you are beautiful’
Diet Coke and a pizza please
Diet Coke I’m on my knees screaming,
‘Big girl, you are beautiful!’”

I enjoy this because it captures how bigger people may originally feel, and may originally act in public, and Mika is trying to empower these people to be proud and realize the true beauty they possess. Mika also celebrates how beautiful curves are, and how bigger women need bigger men, which doesn’t pertain to the man’s size, but instead that the men need to be strong enough in themselves to see the beauty in others.

Here’s the video! It’s feel good and fun and full of beautiful women dancing and having a great time. I think the WC should totally organize our own version of this. We’ll all dress up fun and pretty and dance around the arch.

Think about it.

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