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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yeah I'll say it...

I hate Twilight. I know it has been posted about a million times before by writers who articulate their views way better than mine, but with all the hype about the New Moon movie premiere, I still feel the need to talk about it. I am mid-way through reading the 3rd book in the Twilight series. I must admit my bias: I started reading them so I could have a more firm argument as to why I hate them so much. Even from what I knew about the series before reading it, I had decided that Edward Cullen wasn't the super romantic icon he is thought to be. In fact, he's kind of an asshole.

The book isn't real. And I get it, he's a vampire, so there are probably some factors that would separate their relationship from that of a standard couple. But there are some real life risk factors and blatant abuses going on in these books that is all disguised under the mask of 'love and protection'. I don't want to go on an entire rant, but I want to spend a few minutes on Edward. 

So like I said... he's an asshole. Let's all remind ourselves of the fact that all the danger that Bella is in is directly related to her relationship with Edward! So he watches her sleep, kidnaps her, has his sister watch her every move while he isn't around because he needs to protect her, but the threats he needs to protect her from are caused by him! An obvious argument is that well, he's a vampire, and she loves him and she chose it so he is just being nice protecting her. To make this situation a little more real life, let's substitute vampire for another dangerous activity. 

Say Bella was dating someone, and then found out they were a gang member. She loves him, so she doesn't want to leave, but she is in all sorts of danger being around him. When he 'protects' her from the rival gang members by following her, watching her sleep and hiding information that could get her killed from her, does that make him an amazing romantic? When he kidnaps her to keep her away from her friendship with another rival gang member (Jacob) is that sweet and ideal? If this situation was real, anyone looking at it would have harsh words for Bella for staying (I don't say this because I agree they should, but because our society always blames women in domestic violence situations for staying) and would not tout the gang member as a romantic super hero. So how is it that all these behaviors in Edward are seen as romantic? I see them as controlling, manipulating and scary. 

I truly worry about the impression this leaves on the young girls who read this book. I think back to 12 year old me and try to think about how different it would be if the male romantic characters I grew up with were more like Edward. Now I definitely didn't have the best male role models anyway... I liked Disney. Men in Disney movies are mainly just around to save you when you fuck up. But at least I knew I had the OPPORTUNITY to fuck up without thinking that someone who I love should intervene/kidnap me/make all my decisions for me so I would be safe. Not to mention the whole "I can't live without you" "Dying is worth it if I can be with you" "I'll just go to Italy and kill myself if I lost you" mentality it instills in an already at risk youth, with suicide rates as they are in this country. 

So again, Twilight... I hate you. 

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  1. :) THIS is wonderful, and just what i needed to distract me from lesson plans.