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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Updates on Marriage Equality

There's been a lot of new developments regarding marriage equality across the country this week. We at the Women's Center would just like to sum up all of these changes and expel any rumors or misconceptions.

Tuesday December 1st, the city council of Washington DC voted 11 to 2 to support a bill which would provide marriage licences to same-sex couples within Washington DC. This is indeed a momentous step towards equality and a great victory, although it is not final by any means. The same bill must be voted on again for a "second reading" and even then it must pass through a 30 day Congressional review period. But of course, this is an exciting first step and definitely something to celebrate.

Unfortunately, this week also includes a very disheartening loss in regards to NY state Marriage Equality. Today, December 2nd, the NY state senate defeated a bill for marriage equality on a 38 to 24 vote. Not a single republican representative voted for the bill, and the democrats only had a slight majority in the Senate. This is indeed very upsetting for not only the queer community, but all individuals who are for civil and human rights and equality. Same sex couples in New York will have to wait an entire year before the bill could be voted on again.

As for NJ now is the time to step up and make a difference! No exact date has been set for the vote, but it should come up soon as long as activists continue advocating for its vote. You can make a difference as soon as tomorrow! Thursday, December 3rd Garden State Equality is organizing a large group of people to get together for the lobbying day set for that day. This is an opportunity to unite and actually speak to the people who have the power to affect change on a state level. Garden State Equality will be meeting up at 8am at their office at 110 West State St in Trenton, NJ and then going across the street to the State House to speak to state representatives as a large group. The first legislation day they rounded up 200 people, which is a big victory compared to the 50 individuals who were gathered against marriage equality.

So come on out and make a difference! If not us, who is going to do it?

Think about it.

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