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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FDNY: Not Hiring Until Discrimination Stops

About time!

A Brooklyn judge ruled on Tuesday that the FDNY cannot hire until the exam that applicants must take prior to being employed is non-discriminatory towards minorities.

[Read an article about this here!]

You can read more about this issue practically anywhere. But I would really like everyone to get a taste of the types of comments posted after this article… I’ll just post them and let you decide how ignorant these people really are.


4:09:48 PM
Oct 19, 2010
I know I would just love to fight fires with a bunch of dopes who had to have a dumbed down test just so they could pass. This is just disgusting.

4:11:22 PM
Oct 19, 2010
I haven't seen the written test, so bear with me. Was this test supposed to be printed in Eubonics, Spanish or just plain English? Maybe Chinese, Russian, Greek, etc.? Where lies the problem? I was under the impression that "qualified" meant quality, not quantity! Somebody explain to me the problem! Thank you!

4:22:24 PM
Oct 19, 2010
Have to agree with the judges decision. The FDNY test does discriminate against the Illiterates, Dumb Arses, Low IQ and those that just want to work out at the fire house! What an IDIOT is this judge that made that finding. He needs to get a reality check. The dumbing down of NYC continues at a more politically correct pace!

This world has some quality individuals in it, let me tell you.

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