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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How young is too young?

I was reading a post on today that talked about two reports of some second graders were taking their clothes off, several engaging in oral sex. The teacher apparently didn't know this occurred in his class on two separate occasions. Here's a news story on the matter.

First of all, these kids are in SECOND GRADE...they're 7 or 8 years old. I don't know what their curriculum is, but when I was in 2nd grade, we had to actually learn and do work. We didn't have any play time (except for a short recess). So how were these kids able to do this in the classroom under the teacher's nose? What was he doing that he wasn't paying attention?

In my opinion, second graders or any elementary school-age kids are too young to be engaging in sexual acts. I've heard other perspectives where people think it is ok for kids to explore, but you have to ask yourself when that should begin. And what is prompting these kids to explore? Is it random curiosity, or did they see something on TV that was intriguing?

I think it goes back to the parents/guardians. They should be monitoring what their children watch, say, or do. There is so much more promiscuity on TV and in movies in today's society because our culture is progressing, which is partially the reason for kids "growing up" faster.

Remember the days when shows and movies that were considered inappropriate for children and teens were not aired until late at night? Not anymore. With HBO and Showtime now built into cable packages, TV series episodes and movies that are rated "R" or "MA" can be accessed through "On Demand" or can just be airing at any point during the day.

So, now that we know sexual activity is starting at such a young age, shouldn't we be able to educate kids on sex, and teach them how to be safe? Would you want your child, younger sibling or cousin to contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) before they become a teenager? Think about it.

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