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Friday, January 28, 2011

Pregnant Women are "worthless"?

As much as there is great progress in Women’s Rights, there’s always something or someone that would challenge those progress. Recently, as I have read in Jezebel, a Board of Education member said that hiring pregnant women are “worthless”. I don’t even know where to start and how to express my feelings about that statement. Rozell said, "If she has that child in April and takes off six weeks, she's worthless to us. She won't be able to keep up." How would you feel if that statement was said to your wife, sister, cousin or any loved one you have that is pregnant. Would you defend them? Well, in this case one person defended that statement and said that if she was offended, she must have a really thin skin because the guy was clearly joking. There’s always a thin line between jokes that come off as really insulting, at this point during the meeting, the woman that was pregnant was absolutely insulted. I am really disappointed by the fact that even in these times people still have naïve and stupid comments like that.

I don’t know how the school board operates but really now, what makes this man say that the woman is incapable of keeping up if she gives birth during April, its going to be summer for crying out loud and she will be able to get back on her feet by the time school starts again. I still cannot believe that people are able to say “jokes” like these. I thought we have made really great progress against sexism, and I feel that there will always be people who would say stupid comments about women.

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