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Monday, December 12, 2011

Rick Perry's "Strong" Ad

Last Tuesday, presidential hopeful Rick Perry released his highly controversial and hilariously entertaining “Strong” promotional ad. The short video touches upon two hot topics: religion and gays in the military. Perry has been pushing religion onto his platform and this ad shows how prominent it will become in his campaign. To date, the video has received 20,174 likes and 646,134 dislikes. Obviously the viewers have spoken. Here’s a look at the ad:

Instead of activists groups being up in arms about Perry’s extremely right winged views, most people are making fun of it. In the video Perry is wearing a brown workman’s jacket, much like the characters in Brokeback Mountain wore. Also, the music used in the background of the ad is by Aaron Copland, a gay composer. I don’t blame those who are poking fun at this video because it is utterly ridiculous. Thank goodness people are keeping me entertained by putting out videos like this one:

Personally, I do not believe anything that Rick Perry says in this ad. I think that he only did this to get a rise out of the public, and that he did. At this point Perry is doing anything he can to save himself from the embarrassing flubs he has had during previous Republican debates. I guess we will see how he does in the primaries, but as it looks now, President Obama is looking pretty comfortable where he is now.

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