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Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Post-Superbowl-Sweat-Pants Day!

After a full day of gorging myself on fried delicacies, screaming at athletes who can in no way hear what I’m saying, and watching adorable puppies play with a toy football, it might be time to talk about what was really important last night: The commercials. It was once again made abundantly clear how the people in charge of advertising think their viewers value women. Yes, I get it. They are catering for a certain demographic, and that demographic is pretty much anyone of the male persuasion. However, isn’t it time to also cater to men who, I don’t know, value women beyond their body? Also, as a woman who watched the game, it would be nice to see a commercial that doesn’t make me feel invaluable because of my size and my not-being-a-supermodel-ness.

Nevertheless, it was just commercial after commercial of sexualized women talking about domain names (Yes, I’m talking about you Go Daddy!) or telling men that they’d exchange sex for flowers. M&Ms went a slightly different route by replacing a scantily clad supermodel with naked M&Ms… it was still weird, but at least that one was funny.

I’ll leave you with a video of what might be my favorite commercial of the night. After all, when you objectify women, it’s quite easy to confuse them for a car:

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