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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Timeout for Racism

On the Daily Show with John Stewart, Larry Wilmore explains the difference between the case of Trayvon Martin and "black-on black" crime. The clip says some terms and/or statements that could be perceived as offensive and I apologize in advance to anyone who takes offense to this video, however he makes a great comic relief of the taboo topic and a great point of how historically, the benefit of the doubt has been given to white people.

There has also been press surrounded around the issue that Trayvon's case should not be blown out of proportion so much seeing that black on black crime is on the rise and no one is protesting about that, yet people are protesting about it. Plus, the difference is this was not a black on black crime case, this was a racial profiling case and led to the death of a factual proven innocent teen. This is not the only case within the past couple of months that ended as a tragedy. To find out more about these cases and if you have any thoughts or comments you would like to make on the video or on the case in general you should read the blog post Jill wrote about our upcoming event.

You can also find out more about our Justice for Trayvon Martin event happening at Ramapo College on Wednesday, April 11th 8:30p.m. in the Alumni Lounges and March of solidarity after on Facebook.

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