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Monday, October 8, 2012

Lolcats may help your GPA!

Wouldn't  that just be fabulous? All those hours spent cooing over kittens, puppies, baby hippos and otters might actually help you focus - if you allocate your time wisely of course. A series of studies done at Hiroshima University in Japan found that sample groups performed better and more quickly than controls when playing an Operation-like game after viewing pictures of baby animals. No joke. The control groups were shown pictures of adult animals, which had no effect on dexterity or concentration, but the baby faced fuzzies did!

"Their hypothesis [was] that concentration might be improved around cute things as a kind of instinctual behavioural reflex that occurs when humans are around babies that can’t care for themselves." So, exposure to cute as hell baby critters may invoke an instinctual hyper vigilance in us. I think that's pretty awesome. And a fantastic, bullet-proof, completely legitimate reason (excuse) to spend even more time over at Cheezburger.

Follow the jump for a few hand-picked examples of cute! Then go write that paper you've been putting off. Midterms are coming....



You're Welcome!

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